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Posted on March 8, 2019 by ben chinn in
We have been living at 4000 Yonge Street for 6 years. We won’t live anywhere else! Hallway smells – well hey if someone is cooking, you’re going to smell something but as far as mustiness or such – none. Heating – yes, tends to run hot as an older building will. You can turn the baffles closed on the radiators but equally so, when it is really cold out, you appreciate the heat. Open the window to cool off a bit. Parking – only indoor, and a bit expensive but it beats scraping and brushing the snow off! You can wash your car for free as well – great perk. Safe – extremely safe, have never felt anything but safe. We cannot say enough good things about the building and when I pull off Yonge Street after work and see the line-up of traffic still inching by, I say, hey, I am home and happy to live there. - Tenants at 4000 Yonge St.